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Web solution

Adaptive, Moby2 © 20132013 is copyright framework, developed by Eng. Georgi Georgiev, part of the team at Moby2, which provides speed, freedom and efficiency in web programming

Web design and web solutions:

Preparation of a comprehensive design, visual identity, corporate identity, web development, client solutions, web solutions such as augmented reality and social networking system for online streaming events in HD format (channels eLearn.pro) and others. Key clients in this area are Krassimir Ivanov, Coca Cola HBC, Allianz Bank, Center for Human Resources Development, Municipality of Vidin, Municipality Varshets, NSBS and more than 15 other Bulgarian and international organizations.

Key web solutions.

  1. eTourist.pro - Digital services for the tourism.

    Digital services for
    the tourism.

    eCompany.pro - Internal corporate environment for learning and development.

    Internal corporate environment for
    learning and development.

  2. eLearn.pro - Professional global network for training and development.

    Professional global
    network for training and development.

    eAcademy.pro - Framework of integrated technologies for total digitization.

    Framework of integrated technologies for total digitization.

Moby2's ideas for innovative web design.

Modern man spends a considerable part of his time on the Internet. Studies have shown that this may be up to 30% of the active part of the day. We are more in the web than with family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Our understanding is that the Web interface can be felt as a cozy home. Easy navigation, intuitive shortcuts that you do not need to search for. When you are within a web home you feel this throughout the design, in every element. Entering and going out of a "room" - the feeling of presence in the home does not leave you. You feel the uniqueness and personality of the home that attract you to return.

One of the big problems of the old generation web is the fact that the client does not feel its interaction with its elements, does not feel its uniqueness and individuality. It does not matter whether you or someone else is visiting this home. The interface does not respond to your touch, your messages. Our understanding of the web is an interface that is alive, responding to your touch and your contact - not to someone else, but to your behavior. As a result of hand or touch movements, real-time image, design, message, interface changes. According to your textual or verbal activity, the interface responds in a unique way. The Web interface as an "intelligent machine" gives you the feeling of "living" communication.   

Each age has its own challenges and its footprint on art. In our view, the challenge now is the mutual penetration of digital technology and art. The beautiful, conformable, anthropological, with the aim of perfection in the web interface is not an addition but an essential part of digital technologies. Beauty saves the world on the web. Because the disproportionate, the ugly, the neanthropological leads to stress, harm to the emotions and perceptions of the clients. Beautiful is healthy, especially since 30% of our time is in the web.  

Our understanding is not only in the "intuition" of the web to react to our behavior but also in the ability to offer an alternative, to forecast and to store the traces we leave in it. Smart web is a concept for semantic and predictive behavioral scenarios that shorten time, focus efforts and optimize a process that has become the biggest challenge of the digital age in recent years - stress, confusion and chaos in perceiving and processing the ever- of information. This is the mechanism for dealing with the shock not from the future but from the information. The Web Interface as a Decision Assistant.

Instead of mass-selling "ready-made" products in the web, we offer customer-centric solutions in the context of your business's individual needs.

The correct start of each project is standard in our work. A basic principle is clear and detailed definition of needs in a particular case. In this way, the solutions we offer are optimal and with the highest efficiency.

Just as our history shows in this case, we do not have to worry about engaging in projects that other organizations have refused to implement. We share the rule that every problem has an optimal solution if it is adequately analyzed.