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About Moby2Ltd

Moby2 Ltd. is a company that specializes in training, consulting, eLearning, ePublishing and web based business solutions. We offer our services  both at small and medium sized companies and global organizations that seek valuable solutions for their business. Over the years we became a valuable partner to our customers characterized by honesty, ethics and high professional standards.

The main principles of our work are:

“The Business trains business" - the field of training and consultation. With us work consultants and trainers who are among the leading Bulgarian and international experts with extensive international experience. During our trainings and consultations we use practical tools that have proven successful in business organizations.

"Open World" in web applications and web solutions. The underlying message of our team is "Moby2 Open World" - the idea to be more mobile in our personal and business lives without losing the effectiveness, communications and normal way of life. This is achievable by using the opportunity and advantage of the global network.

○ High standarts of quality and effectiveness 
○ Loyalty and ethical partnership 
○ Enterpreneurship and initiative
○ Creativity and innovation
○ Clear communication and an open mind to constructive criticism
○ Team work and cooperation
○ Striving towards development
○ Responsibility for the effect of the result and the efficacy of the process

○ Global development for the economics of knowledge via high quality practical solutions in help of the people and the business.

○ Moby2 as an active participant in the process of making the world a better place for living and for development of new business, art, science, innovations and constructive policies and governing.

○ A world with no limitations posed upon the developing people's talents, knowledge, communication and technology. Moby2's main motto is "Open world".

Open world with Moby2 Ltd. from Moby2 Ltd.