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Our mission is to offer a global platform in which you will be able to share and create new knowledge all in the name of evolution. No later than 15 years from now the digital revolution will be a reality. The world will be pushed forwards by the digital wisdom and the laws of economics of knowledge. This is why your responsibility towards education now will shape your future.

What is ePublising?

ePublishing is part of elearnbg.com and it shares the main concept of the platform for globally shared knowledge. It incorporates a few key elements: the creation of  writing materials, their digitalisation and on line publication in the form of eBooks, eMagazines and online articles via numerous electronic media.
Nowadays, ePublishing is an alternative form of publication, which starts to gain more popularity.

Who will benefit from the platform?

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Кey clients of ePublishing:

Learning Center NSBS, Locus Publishing, Economic Academy "D. A. Tsenov “ Svishtov and more than 10 experts and content authors.