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DZI Insurance and DZI Life Insurance trusted Moby2

25 Jul 2017

In July, 2017, DZI Insurance and DZI Life Insurance choose eCompany.pro in order to help them solve an important problems in the field of training and developing employees. For the first time there are included so many users in the platform. The main account is programmed to please the needs of more than 3500 users, using every function which eCompany.pro can offer, like online trainings, tests, polls, 360° assessments, individual online consultations, virtual class rooms, additional modules and templates. The account allows complete statistics and management of the overall learning process.

In order to please the special requests for training of the agent network of insurance companies, eCompany.pro went through several renovations and innovations. They developed in two main directions: user interface design improvement and software and personal data security enhancements consistent with the standards of the leading banking and insurance institutions.

The created account satisfies the security and training requirements of KBC Group:

Text to the European Customer Data Protection Directive.  Regulation_EU_2016_679_BgBG  Regulation_EU_2016_679_EnAN


The optimizations made improve the user experience and include the following innovations:

After the introduced changes, the user interface has become a workplace that can easily be “designed” according to the needs of each company. 

ProfiCredit also choose eCompany.pro
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