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Dryanovo Municipality with a unique tourist platform

11 Jul 2017

In July 2017, the first project of eTourist.pro was realized. It represents a basic account for Dryanovo Municipality, which, through Google Maps, visualizes a various tourist landmarks and places. Some of these places are the Kolio Fitcheto’s bridge, hotels, guest houses, restaurants and so on. A portfolio of each site with video and gallery, as well as contact details, is created. In order to be easily for the tourists to make direct online reservations, the booking.com possibilities are integrated into the platform. The project will be completely finished in the end of 2017 – now our colleagues from Dryanovo Municipality are creating and publishing information in the platform.

Initially, the project is created as a web-application, part of European project for promoting the tourist destination – a combined project for the municipalities of Varshets, Godets and Berkovitsa – “The hidden secret of Western-Balkan-Mountains”.

On this particular base is developed the basis account for Dryanovo Municipality. That’s how the idea of the platform eTourist.pro was born. It is rapidly gaining popularity both in Bulgaria and abroad.

eTourist.pro is a larger, comprehensive project, providing digital tourism services. It will be implemented by Moby2 by the end of 2017 in partnership with leading municipalities and institutions in Bulgaria. There is an interest shown by large municipalities such as Sofia, Shumen, Varna, Targovishte, Kardjali, Samokov, Smolyan and others. Greece is also seriously interested.

The brochure of eTourist.pro.

The presentation of eTourist.pro. 

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