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Fingers crossed that out project - eTourist.pro will become part of Horizon 2020 programme

02 Mar 2018

                The eTourist.pro project is one of the latest additions to Moby2's innovative proposals.

                The idea behind this project is inspired by the increased necessity and search for multifunctional digital platform which will motivate and organize our holiday in the country, as well as abroad. Our motivation to develop a product in the sphere of tourism is that we are witnessing the changing needs of the tourists. The trends are that the travellers prefer organizing their trips individually and independently, instead of booking all-inclusive vacations. The platform will organize the masses of tourists in the popular destinations by reducing their stress and helping them orientate in an unknown environment. The tourists are also tending to like locations that aren’t a part of the massive tourism mainstream and want to get in touch with the peculiarities of the places and their local citizens in a direct way – through communication. The need of high-tech developed platforms which will offer high level of integrated options and services to be competitive on the digital market, is also growing. 

                The platform will give the opportunity for individual representation and participation of separate institutions – municipalities, regions, provinces and countries - which will be able to create and upload content to the platform. Hence, this will improve the quality of the tourism and boost the economic growth of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in these regions. Small and medium businesses will also have a chance for commercialization on the platform, which will increase the growth and improve the profile of the company. 

                Within the platform eTourist.Pro will be combined and developed the following processes:

                Exploring - collects and adapts information, history, multimedia for each of the sites and services to be provided - preparation of routes, offers for accommodation /hotels, houses, individual rooms/, convenient flights; Smart-City Layers – transportation, spa and beauty, food tourism, security, medical centers’ contacts, geolocation and RFID bracelets for winter sports connected to the platform for emergencies. VR portfolios for sites and destinations with included stories and recreations of historical events for full experience of the locations.   

                Learning - through a combination of information about the history, culture and landmarks of the different destinations, the platform will motivate tourists to learn more about the places from personal stories. Thanks to the individual presentations of each institution, this will preserve the authenticity incorporated in the peculiarities of life, customs and history of the regions.

                Saving - unlike the currently available platforms that limit the search results for hotels and transportation, eTourist.Pro will provide real time updates for comfortable accommodation that would not fit into platforms like Booking.com, all types of transportation from and to the locations chosen by the tourist. These are all steps necessary to create a travel plan in one platform, which will save both time and money for the user.

                H2H - the platform will motivate communication between travellers and locals to avoid the feeling that behind the software is nothing more than a machine. The platform offers diversity of opinions of the individuals, information from institutions and local businesses. This will build the foundations of the information abundance and create a reliable and transparent exchange of information. 

                Multiplicate - the most important element of the project idea is the comprehensive integration of information, products and services. This has not only cultural significance for the development of tourist sites and independent tourism experiences, but also manages to predict the individual need of each tourist on the way of planning the trip. The platform provides the opportunity the whole journey to be planned with one application and thus letting the tourist enjoy the holiday without stress.

                The platform is targeted to people who seek unconventional individual tourism, want to organize their trips independently and be apart from the mass flow of tourism by blending with the local environment. eTourist.Pro will try to overcome some of the economic problems currently the business is facing by encouraging local/family, small and medium businesses to improve the quality of their services and give them access to various networks of users. It will overcome the social barriers by connecting people with people, paying attention to popular destinations but also to neglected locations with cultural and historical significance.

                After a remote consultation with the European MP Mr. Andrey Novakov, with the kind support of Mr. Nikolay Sirakov, where we presented eTourist.pro, he highly appreciated the innovation and gave his recommendations for application under the Horizon 2020 program. In relation to that, our project proposal for funding under the SME Instrument for Horizon 2020. The application was filed on February 07, 2018, and we expect approval within three months.

                eTourist.Pro develops in different municipalities on the territory of Bulgaria as well - Varshets, Berkovitsa, Godech and Dryanovo. Negotiations are taking place with Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Kardzali and Blagoevgrad. The platform is not limited to the territory of Bulgaria and its expansion is also expected in Italy, where implementation of the platform in Verona and Venice is currently being organized.

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