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Focus groups and marketing research for Bozhentsi

27 Dec 2016

In the end of 2016, Moby2 held four focus groups for Elvi Ltd. – the company which stays behind the successful brand of dairy products “Bozhentsi”.

The main purpose of these groups was a deep quality research analysis which will help with collecting data about the attitudes of randomly selected groups of people. The enrolling in the Elvi’s Study is happening through a Facebook campaign. Participants are the “fans” of the Bulgarian yoghurt and they are taking part voluntary.

In the focus group there were questions asked to participants and they could discuss freely their answers. The study aims to give the company a feedback on adequate marketing policy, branding, design, packaging or other elements change, preparation of promotional materials like video clips, digital marketing in the future and more. The survey was very positively accepted and it determined precisely the attitudes of the clients. It’s often used as a marketing method to study the desires and opinions of people about product, advertising, packaging and more.  The goal is to get feedback about a new product or to improve an already developed one.


Moby2 held the first global research study in the field of knitwear