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Generali Bulgaria joined the eCompany.pro family

02 Mar 2018

The Italian company accepted Moby2 Bulgaria's offer to work with the eCompany.pro platform in December 2017. Other companies that trusted us were Profi Credit, Groupama - Insurance and Life Insurance, and DZI - Insurance and Life Insurance.

Generali Bulgaria is one of the leaders in non-banking financial services in Bulgaria through its subsidiaries: Generali Insurance AD ​​and Generali Life Insurance AD. The Bulgarian subsidiary of the company was established in 2006. Generali has almost 200 years of history worldwide. The company is the founder of a multinational group, which is present in more than 60 countries, with 470 companies and nearly 80,000 employees.

The technology eCompany.pro was built on a client’s server thanks to virtualization with two virtual machines, and Moby2 will offer technical support and updates after the system is built. In this way, Generali can manage real and e-learning training, tests, electronic and automated methods for assessing knowledge and skills, surveys, 360 degree feedback and other modules. Active are also the functions "Virtual Classroom" and "Statistics" for performance analysis.

In the period 5-7 of February took place the training of Generali team who will administer the platform and create content. The main points of the training were the work and content creation skills of iSpring Suite 8.7 product. The application is provided to customers exclusively by Moby2 Bulgaria Ltd. Thanks to it, Generali's material base can be transformed into electronic training, video, and more.

By using the eCompany.pro platform, Generali is showing care for the employees. Thanks to the wide range of functionalities, training and development systems are standardized, resulting in better and faster service for more staff. eCompany.pro continues to hold first place in the popularity of a system for corporate training and staff development in Bulgaria and the region. Remarkable is that all offers submitted to key customers in 2017 were accepted. In 2018 Moby2 will organize a special event and will invite clients already working with the platform and  new potential customers. The goal is  to be created  an eCompany.pro community for exchange of experiences and content. This event will be held on the traditional Moby2Day 2018.

Fingers crossed that out project - eTourist.pro will become part of Horizon 2020 programme
И Дженерали България се присъедини към семейството на eCompany.pro