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Marketing research for Compass Invest

09 Jun 2016


Compass Invest JSC is a joint stock management company owned by Compass Capital - an independent investment banking and corporate finance boutique offering full range of services. Their main mission is to maximize investors' return by applying a constantly evolving investment philosophy and experience, based on their three guiding principles: Expertise, Quality service and Partnership. 

Within a few months, Moby2 has made a dedicated marketing research to both real and potential customers in order to improve the communication and to increase the customer base.

The survey was done through a dedicated survey, developed in eLearn.pro and distributed in LinkedIn. This was also the first study in which Moby2 combined the usage of both types of technologies - part of the mission of eLearn.pro - namely the production of scientific instruments that can be used in real time.

A clear orderliness was recognised in terms of customers’ knowledge and their types.  Above all, the communication strategy was specified to activate customers for their next steps. This gives an opportunity to improve Compass Invest's communication with their customers and to increase the product portfolio with ideas for new opportunities.

Moby2 held the first global research study in the field of knitwear
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