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Moby2 and PolyComp together again in October

14 Oct 2017

In October 2017, Moby2 again held a two-day training course on "Negotiation and working with key clients" for PolyComp Ltd. A second team of commercial consultants, product line managers, sales assistants, and marketing assistants was trained.

The employees of PolyComp took part in many practical and game-based tasks, which put them face-to-face with the negotiations’ and decision making’s challenges. The demonstrative practical task “60 minutes in the elevator” impressed the participants once again. They needed to introduce themselves and to arrange a meeting with famous executive director for really short period of time (only 60 seconds).

PolyComp’s employees shared that the discussion of real, past and present situations from their experience and the real-time feedbacks were really useful and a valuable element of the training.

As always, Moby2 provided additional information to the participants about the training’s topic in the electronic library.

At the end of the training, PolyComp employee’s said good-bye to the Moby2’s with the willingness and excitement for following trainings!


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