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Moby2 held the first global research study in the field of knitwear

10 Sep 2016

Over the period between of July 2016 to September 2016, Moby2 conducted a research study on “Attitudes towards knitting” upon customer’s request. This is the world’s first study of knitting as a passion. A project about global social media in the field of knitting has been developed.

There were created 5 different online questionnaires in the terms of the project. Their main purpose was to look into attitudes of several groups of people:

835 participants took place in the study. The thing which united them was namely their love of knitting. The attitudes of people of all ages have been studied on the territory of four continents. The questionnaires were translated in Bulgarian, English, German, Spanish, French and Russian. The participants are from Bulgaria, United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Russia.   

For the successful leading of the survey, powerful Facebook campaigns were managed. They reached up to tens of thousands of knitters.  There was also a campaign in the specialized social platform Ravelry. 

We were also fully supported by Nikolina Dineva – an artist, who leads trainings in Bulgaria and abroad, and by Delyana Peeva – a leader in the field of knitting and lace.

The project will not be realised without the support and the enormous efforts of Martin Genev and Svetoslav Hristov.  

Some interesting facts about the study:

In this way, Moby 2 could prove that it is possible for successful global studies in the fields of marketing, services and platforms to be leaded.

The study

A presentation about the study


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