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Parallel Ltd become our client

12 Nov 2018
y, 2018. Moby2 Bulgaria won a competition for a European project for Parallel Ltd. for Implementation of specialized software for Management and development of the employees under the BFPB No. BG05M9OR001-1.008-2379-С01, financed under OPRDD 2014-2020. The project was developed on the basis of the capabilities of eCompany.Pro, and new functionalities have been implemented specifically for the needs of Parallel, which have added to the already existing ones in the platform.
- Building a module that enables a team of colleagues to work together on tasks and documents and to take into account their status and progress.
- C
reation of a module allowing flexible forms of employment, planning the working hours, monthly schedules and norms, which provides the opportunity to exercise day-to-day control over compliance with schedules, working hours and attendance
- Module enabling time division: fixed, floating, scheduled, night work, 24-hour shifts, breaks planned according to needs and work options.
Provides the possibility of switching to summaries of working hours, normalization and hourly payment, generation and control of overtime and night work, the possibility of additional stimulation of certain employees and workers.
- Free Online Office Suite - A free  version of an online office suite that supports all Microsoft Office file formats, includes a cloud service, is also usable on mobile devices.

We are glad that we have added Parallel Ltd. to our portfolio of satisfied customers and we hope to continue our joint cooperation over the years.

Fingers crossed that out project - eTourist.pro will become part of Horizon 2020 programme