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ProfiCredit also choose eCompany.pro

02 Oct 2017

After Groupama – insurance and life insurance – and DZI – insurance and life insurance – the attractive proposal of Moby2 about eCompany.pro was accepted also from ProfiCredit Bulgaria in the beginning of September.

ProfiCredit is a company with 10 years of experience on the Bulgarian market and till 2008 their clients are more than 10 000. It is a part of the international financial group ProfiReal Group, which except in Bulgaria, operates in four other countries in Middle and East Europe – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Russia.

Because of the eCompany.pro’s system, ProfiCredit’s employees are able to experience real and electronic trainings, electronic and automated methods for assessment of the knowledge and abilities – tests, polls, simulations and others. They also have access to a virtual classroom and the “Statistics” module for better analysis of the efficiency. There is an interest to the “Appraisals” module for the future.  

The employees of ProfiCredit will also use iSpring Suite 8.7 – a product, which Moby2 provides exclusively to its clients. With it the ProfiCredit’s materials may be transformed into attractive and dynamic electronic trainings, videos and others quickly and easily.

Due to the possibilities which eCompany.pro can offer, the company is able to take care of its employees by standardizing the training and development processes.

The information about eCompany.pro was also provided to ProfiCredit Poland and ProfiCredit Slovakia like a product with regular financial boundaries as well as quality.

The interest of eCompany.pro keeps increasing. Besides Profi Credit, Generali Bulgaria is in the final trade negotiations, and the start of the work with KCM 2000 Group is forthcoming.

eCompany.pro is becoming the most popular system for corporate trainings and employee development in Bulgaria and not only. Upon purchase of the account Profi Credit took advantage of our proposal for a 15% discount by the end of 2017. Minimum of this 15% discount can be taken as advantage by anyone making an eCompany.pro request by the end of the year whether the account itself will be built now or in the coming years.

Continuous improvement for eCompany.Pro
DZI Insurance and DZI Life Insurance trusted Moby2